Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’: Taking Stock of Lessons Learned From Local Responses to GBV

‘Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’: taking stock of lessons learned from local responses to GBV; UNDP, UNU-IIGH, Gender and Health Hub; SVRI Forum 20

- America/Cancun


About the event

An SVRI Forum parallel event

  • The event will provide a critical platform to reflect on lessons learned in relation to participatory approaches to ending GBV, multi-sectoral action and collaboration, and adapting to changes and challenges within diverse contexts

  • We are seeking questions and comments prior to the event to ensure a rounded a robust discussion, please submit your input here

  • This event will take place on Wednesday 21 September at 13.00 at Sala Ibiza, Paradissus Hotel, Cancún, Mexico

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Event details

The session, titled ‘Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’: taking stock of lessons learned from local responses to GBV will be held on 21 September at 13:00.

UNDP has been implementing a global initiative on ‘Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’, funded by the Republic of Korea. The initiative is testing new approaches to reduce gender-based violence and accelerate progress towards other development goals, in seven countries: Bhutan, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Peru, Republic of Moldova and Uganda.

As part of this global initiative, UNDP has partnered with the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) on the project ‘Costing and Financing: Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’.

This event will take stock of lessons learned about effective policy and local responses to GBV using participatory models, and from adapting to deliver in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and other national-level political and environmental fluctuating contexts.

What You’ll Learn

  • Models of local participatory responses to GBV and lessons from adaptation

  • Sharing findings, recommendations and lessons learned from participatory planning and paying pilot projects

  • Roundtable discussion on accelerating multi-sectoral action and funding for local participatory and integrated approaches to end GBV

The session will be highly interactive to ensure ample time for discussion and cross-fertilisation of learning and ideas.