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Kees van der Geest featured in Context article on loss and damage funding for communities

Kees van der Geest featured in article on loss and damage funding for communities.

Ahead of COP28, global discussions are currently focused on a loss and damage fund for those most affected by climate change impacts. Critical points within the discussion are how far communities themselves can lead and make choices about what kind of impacts should be addressed first and in what manner.

UNU-EHS expert Kees van der Geest was recently featured in an article in Context (Thomson Reuters Foundation) on loss and damage and what it means for local communities. Van der Geest, an expert in human mobility in the context of climate change, gave valuable contributions. “Communities facing the day-to-day consequences of climate impacts know best what loss and damage looks like and what is key to address” he was quoted.

The full article is available here.

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