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UNU-CPR Recommendations Unanimously Adopted by African Financial Authorities

Move promises to strengthen continent’s fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

08 Sep 2023

Blog Post

Financial Inclusion is Key to Reducing Haiti’s Vulnerability to Modern Slavery

For World Day Against Trafficking in Persons we explore how financial inclusion can be strengthened to protect vulnerable Haitians from exploitation.

28 Jul 2023


Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking

FAST mobilizes the financial sector to address modern slavery and human trafficking

24 Jul 2023


Revving Up Revenue for Development – The Role of Domestic Resource Mobilization

OSLO: The WIDER Development Conference on the role of domestic revenue mobilization in development takes place in during 6-8 September, 2023.



Second UGAMOD Retreat

KAMPALA: UNU-WIDER will host a training event on UGAMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Uganda, as a five-day research retreat.



SOUTHMOD presentation at the LOTTE-Skatt conference

OSLO: UNU-WIDER Research Associate Jesse Lastunen will give a presentation at the conference, Celebrating tax-benefit modeling: 50 years with LOTTE.



New Policy Brief Helps Financial Sector Address Crisis-driven Modern Slavery Risks

Identifying the steps financial institutions can take to prepare for and address risks associated with crises and displacements.

06 May 2023


Paving the Way for Fiscal Capacity

On 21 March, UNU will host a panel discussion to share insights on the origins of fiscal states in developing economies and their policy implications.



New E-Learning Resource Supports Government Efforts to Address Modern Slavery

New tool has been designed to support governments across the Asia-Pacific region.

10 Feb 2023