Working Paper

Addressing the Challenges of Creating a Global AI Architecture

New working paper outlines key questions surrounding the global governance of Artificial Intelligence.

Date Published
9 Sep 2023
Valère Ndior

A new working paper published by UNU-CPR addresses the challenges of creating a global architecture to regulate artificial intelligence (AI), and explores the potential for the United Nations to lead and coordinate efforts that govern the design, development, and responsible use of AI.

This paper highlights two key issues to be considered in the context of establishing a UN-led AI global architecture:

  1. Regional organizations (such as the EU, African Union, and Council of Europe) should be involved in the UN’s global effort on AI.
  2. The UN-led architecture on AI must recognize that human rights, enshrined in the UN Charter and related legal instruments, apply to AI processes.

The paper explains how the creation of a Global Commission on Just and Sustainable Digitization avoids over-specialization on AI and allows for adaptability as AI and other generative technologies rapidly develop. The global element of this model is also elaborated on, as the importance of promoting inclusive participation among stakeholders and forging ties with other bodies and organizations is emphasized.

To ensure the success of such a commission, the paper argues that a series of control and follow-up mechanisms for monitoring stakeholder activity in the long term are necessary, as well as supporting independent research and utilizing sustainability funding resources. Finally, it emphasizes that the success of an AI global architecture is contingent upon the engagement of both the private sector and civil society in its development and during its use.

This article comes at a crucially important time in the development of Artificial Intelligence, and was written prior to the establishment of a Multistakeholder Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence by UN Secretary-General, António Guterres.

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Addressing the Challenges of Creating a Global AI Architecture

Outlining key questions surrounding global AI governance and informing the UN's ongoing governance efforts.
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