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News 06 May 2023

New Policy Brief Helps Financial Sector Address Crisis-Driven Modern Slavery Risks

Identifying the steps financial institutions can take to prepare for and address risks associated with crises and displacements.

News 25 Apr 2023

Policy Brief: Enhancing the Development Potential of South-South Migration

Exploring the transformational role of remittances and migrant investments - and the policy interventions needed to enhance their impacts.

News 29 Mar 2023

Analysing Coverage of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Risks in Sub-Saharan Africa

New report analyses available data to identify, assess, and understand how National Risk Assessments address modern slavery risks in Africa.

News 18 Mar 2023

Extending Access to Justice for Migrants in the Global South

New paper emphasizes importance of approaching access to justice as part and parcel of a broader agenda for social justice.

News 13 Mar 2023

UNU-CPR Strengthens its Foresight Capacity with Hiring of Senior Data Scientist

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs will lead UNU-CPR's new Anticipatory Action and Innovation programme.

News 10 Feb 2023

New E-Learning Resource Supports Government Efforts to Address Modern Slavery

New tool has been designed to support governments across the Asia-Pacific region.

News 08 Feb 2023

Repatriating Syrians From Lebanon: What Happens Next?

A new UNU-CPR Discussion Paper examines Lebanon’s repatriation plan for Syrians within its borders, currently estimated at 1.5 million people.

News 07 Dec 2022

Strengthening the G7’s Role in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

What policy options can the G7 adopt to strengthen its global conflict prevention and resolution role.

News 29 Nov 2022

Addressing Modern Slavery Risks in Africa’s Agriculture and Mining Sectors

New report demonstrates how the financial sector can work with governments and other actors to reduce vulnerabilities.

News 03 Nov 2022

Press Release: Emerging Evidence of a Connection Between Climate Change and Armed Group Recruitment

New data from the Middle East and Africa points to a worrying trend.