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News 08 Feb 2023

Repatriating Syrians From Lebanon: What Happens Next?

A new UNU-CPR Discussion Paper examines Lebanon’s repatriation plan for Syrians within its borders, currently estimated at 1.5 million people.

News 07 Dec 2022

Strengthening the G7’s Role in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

What policy options can the G7 adopt to strengthen its global conflict prevention and resolution role.

News 29 Nov 2022

Addressing Modern Slavery Risks in Africa’s Agriculture and Mining Sectors

New report demonstrates how the financial sector can work with governments and other actors to reduce vulnerabilities.

News 03 Nov 2022

Press Release: Emerging Evidence of a Connection Between Climate Change and Armed Group Recruitment

New data from the Middle East and Africa points to a worrying trend.

News 27 Sep 2022

Learning From the Experiences of Modern Slavery Survivors

New brief captures the successes of the FAST Initiative's Survivor Inclusion Initiative.

News 25 Jul 2022

New Guidelines Provide First Global Policy Framework on Protecting Children on the Move in Face of Climate Change

Nine principles address the unique and layered vulnerabilities of children.

News 04 Apr 2022

Briefing: FAST Intervention at the OSCE's 22nd Conference of the Alliance Against Trafficking in Persons

The FAST Initiative provided an intervention at the 22nd Alliance against Trafficking in Person's Conference.

News 01 Apr 2022

Migration and Inequality Expert Appointed Head of Equitable Development and Migration

Professor Heaven Crawley will lead UNU-CPR's Equitable Development and Migration programme.

News 30 Mar 2022

FAST Initiative Teams Up With Liechtenstein Banks To Support Ukrainian Refugees

An estimated 10 million people have already fled the conflict in Ukraine.

News 21 Mar 2022

UN Secretary-General Announces Membership of the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism

The Board will be supported in its work by UNU-CPR in close coordination with the Executive Office of the Secretary-General.