Next Course: “Organoid Models: Basics to Applications”, November 2024.

Apply for a scholarship to participate in the course coordinated by Drs. Romina Pagotto and Mariela Bollati at Institut Pasteur (Montevideo, URU).

This course is designed to build regional capacity in organoid technology through practical experience. Participants will learn to generate and culture different organoid models, including those derived from intestinal and cancer tissues. They will also gain hands-on experience in various downstream applications, such as imaging, functional assays, and organoid manipulation.
A roster of experienced instructors with a deep knowledge of organoid technologies will guide this primarily hands-on laboratory training course, including using the models in downstream experiments and assays.

The course is intended mainly for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, young scientists, and technicians with biomedicine or biotechnology backgrounds and previous experience in mammalian cell culture. Candidates from Latin American and Caribbean regions will be given priority during the application selection process.

The program comprises practical laboratory sessions, lectures, and discussions that encompass the following main objectives:

- To introduce young scientists or technicians to organoid culture by combining practical work with top-quality lectures.

- To train the participants in constructing organoid models, expanding and maintaining organoid cultures, cryopreservation and thawing, and performing various downstream applications, including staining,  imaging, and functional assays.

- To provide knowledge on strategies for exploiting these models through renowned lecturers' output.

- To bring together scientists and young participants to discuss incorporating these models into their projects.


The program comprises practical laboratory sessions, lectures, and discussions encompassing the following topics.

o    Derivation of organoids from adult stem cells and iPSC
o    Maintenance, counting and expansion of organoid models
o    Human cancer organoids Derivation and passaging
o    Cryopreservation and thawing of organoids
o    Staining and confocal imaging of intestinal organoids
o    Functional Assays for drug screening in Organoid Models
o    Lectures focused on organoid applications (host-microorganisms interaction, epithelial–immune interaction, disease modeling)


Application procedure

Applications can be submitted online via this link.

For more information, send your questions to 


Deadline: July 30th, 2024.

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