"Stories Without Borders": A Migrant Storytelling Workshop

ONLINE: On 30 November 2023, UNU-MERIT will host a storytelling workshop led by Martina Lucic and Joy Ehikioya.

- Europe/Amsterdam

On 30 November 2023 at 14:00 CET (UTC+1), UNU-MERIT will host "Stories Without Borders": A Migrant Storytelling Workshop.

Are you a migrant with a story to share? Do you value listening with empathy to migrant stories? Featuring two guest speakers (Martina Lucic and Joy Ehikioya) who are migrants themselves, this workshop will foster an environment where everyone can contribute their narratives, and promote open dialogue and understanding among all participants.

This online event is open to the public; everyone is welcome to join the discussion. Zoom software will be required to participate.

Please register in advance at: 

Join the event via Zoom at: 

For more information and event updates, visit the UNU-MERIT website.

About the speakers

Martina Lucic was born in Croatia, but at a mere four months old, her parents fled to The Netherlands, where Martina was raised. A singer-songwriter and Dutch teacher (NT2), she thrives on combining her dual passions for music and languages. Within her music, she shares stories of individuals forced to leave their homelands, making it her mission to propagate the messages of kindness and empathy.

Joy Ehikioya was born in Nigeria and is currently living in Milan. She is an ethnographic researcher on asylum seekers and refugees' integration. She works as a cultural mediator for asylum seekers and refugees in Milan.

Giulia Mori (workshop moderator) is a research intern at UNU-MERIT, where she recently earned her MSc in Public Policy and Human Development with a specialization in Migration Studies. Her commitment centers on advocating for inclusive policies to positively impact the lives of migrants.

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