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Reforming the Global Financial Architecture to Address the Challenges of Refugee Hosting as a Global Public Good

Unpacking the ways reforms of the global financial architecture can support efforts to address the challenges of forced displacement.

26 Jan 2024


"Stories Without Borders": A Migrant Storytelling Workshop

ONLINE: On 30 November 2023, UNU-MERIT will host a storytelling workshop led by Martina Lucic and Joy Ehikioya.


Working Paper

Global Data Sharing Arrangements between UNHCR and other UN entities and International Organizations

Facilitating transparent and efficient personal data sharing while adhering to relevant principles and standards.

07 Nov 2023


Safe Return and Voluntary Repatriation for Syrian Refugees from Lebanon: What Needs to Happen Next?

Exploring discussions around the safe, dignified repatriation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

27 Oct 2023


The Impact of Telepresence Technologies on the Place Attachment of Syrian Refugees in the Netherlands

ONLINE: On 27 October 2023, UNU-MERIT will host a presentation by migration researcher Mohammad Khalaf.



Development and Peace Responses to Forced Displacement: The Role of Political Will

Examining the importance of political will for shaping development and peace responses to refugee and IDP situations

24 Jul 2023


Policy Brief Advocates Right to Education for Climate-Displaced Persons

A new UNU-IAS policy brief provides recommendations on ensuring education and learning continuity for people affected by climate-induced displacement.

30 May 2023