Water is a core component of sustainable development that inherently links livelihoods, ecosystems, populations, and infrastructure. UNU water-related research addresses the needs of low- and middle-income countries, with a particular focus on policy guidance, natural resources planning, and new technology.

For example, our research on water, sanitation, and hygiene, and on wastewater management and reuse, bridges science, policy, and practice to pair innovative technologies with communities in need.

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Multifunctional Use of Agricultural Landscapes Under Climate Change Conditions

The project aims to develop strategies for a multifunctional rural landscape by considering the characteristics of a pilot area of Tanzania

13 Dec 2020


Integrating the Resource Nexus in Payments for Watershed Ecosystem Services: Conception and Application

The project aims to define an economically feasible and socially acceptable payments for ecosystem services (PES) scheme to aid watershed management.

22 Nov 2021


Development of the Water Information Management System (WIMS) as part of the CReW+ Project

This project aims to develop a Water Information Management System with other partners for water-related data to inform national decision-making

31 Mar 2022


Water for Circular Societies

This project aims to provide scientific evidence and solutions for the development of sustainable urban water policies in Asia.

13 Jun 2022


Assessing and operationalizing water and energy security at regional and global scales

The project focuses on operationalizing water security, providing clear metrics, and will test the approaches adopted in the Global South.

07 Apr 2022


Information and data services and technology for sustainable water management

This project aims to develop and promote tools and services to provide the data and information needed for strategic water planning and management.

04 Aug 2020


Quantification of water-gender interlinkages for greater inclusivity

This project will provide a numerical assessment of the status of women’s representation in the water sector in individual countries/regions globally

06 Apr 2022


Environmental Assessment of Vertical Farming from a Resource Nexus Perspective

This project aims to provide holistic environmental assessment of vertical farming and investigate the economic feasibility of VF projects.

24 Aug 2022


Align4LDN: Coherence and alignment among approaches contributing to sustainable management of land and water resources

This project aims to assess the coherence and alignment among selected approaches to sustainable management of land and water resources.

15 Mar 2024


Future Food Production Under Climate Change Scenarios: Reuse of Water and Protection of Biodiversity as Fields of Action

This project researches food production in the context of the circular economy using tools that ensure water management and biodiversity protection.

11 Mar 2023


Assessing Financial Needs for Implementing UNCCD National Drought Plans and Drought-Related Processes

This project will assess the financial needs for drought processes and develop the case for preparation, mitigation and response to drought.

15 Mar 2024


Assessment of early warning systems in four Indian Ocean Island States (IOC-EWS)

This project will assess the human resources, equipment, and protocols of the EW-EAS systems in Indian Ocean countries and make recommendations.

15 Mar 2024