SDG partnerships

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a shared, universal call-to-action for all countries to ensure that no one is left behind. Partnership is the foundation for success; collaboration and support between the private sector, governments at all levels, and civil society are essential to understand and act on development shortfalls.

UNU is an active partner with academia, international agencies, government ministries, civil society, and the private sector. With expertise across the full range of the SDGs and active partnerships across all sectors, UNU facilitates knowledge dissemination and convenes a diverse range of development stakeholders. UNU research on sustainable development governance contributes to near-term SDG implementation and long-term policy frameworks for sustainability.

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UNU SDG–Universities Platform

This project promotes collaboration and dialogue exchange between Japanese universities on opportunities and challenges in promoting the SDGs.

17 Jan 2021


Lusatian Resources - Sustainable Development of Coal Mining Areas through Adaptation of the Resource Nexus and Considering Social Change (LuReNex)

The research investigates the German role on global coal phase out and modelling pathways for other UN Member states

21 Dec 2021


Knowledge Academy for the Resource Nexus (KARE)

The project aims to mainstream the Resource Nexus, train new generations of thought leaders, and support better decision-making

05 Apr 2022


Vertical Farming for Urban Food Security: Social Acceptance and Policy Recommendations for Building Communities (VerFarming Social)

This project aims to explore the potential of vertical farming to revolutionise agriculture and provide a more resilient solution to food security.

19 Aug 2022


Transformative Climate Action using Participatory data driven decision making platforms (T-CAP)

This project aims to enhance local actors' capacity for collaborative & transformative climate actions by using data-driven decision-making platforms.

15 Jul 2022


LDN4NAP: Supplement to the UNFCCC NAP Technical Guidelines on Promoting Synergy Between Efforts Addressing DLDD, the Achievement of LDN and the Process to Formulate and Implement NAPs

This project will develop a supplement for existing frameworks and plans towards achieving land degredation neutrality and planing adaptation.

30 Apr 2024