Sustainable development is impossible without peace. The interconnected impacts of violence, conflict, and crime divert trillions of dollars each year away from development efforts, and deny billions of people their full human rights.

UNU research covers peacekeeping, the rule of law, and the effectiveness of judicial systems in the context of reducing violence, human trafficking, and exploitation. UNU projects on the changing nature of global violence, for example, provide insights into how humanitarian, development, and security actors must adapt to reduce violence and its impact on society and vulnerable populations.

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Thematic Review on Climate-Security and Peacebuilding

Identifying entry points and pathways for building peace and mitigating conflict in climate-affected and fragile environments.

24 Jul 2023


Stress Testing the UN’s Regional Prevention Approaches

This project was driven by the key question: How can the UN better integrate its regional prevention work to more effectively respond to major crises?

24 Jul 2023


XCEPT Conflict Response: Multi-Actor Interventions in Cross-Border Conflict Contexts

Conducting research on coalition, multilateral, and coordinated interventions in varied cross-border conflict contexts.

24 Jul 2023


Delta 8.7

Informing policies that contribute to achieving SDG Target 8.7 on modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced and child labour.

20 Mar 2023


A Farewell Interview with UNU Rector Dr David M. Malone

Dr David M. Malone looks back at his time as Rector of UNU.

28 Feb 2023