Sustainable development is impossible without peace. The interconnected impacts of violence, conflict, and crime divert trillions of dollars each year away from development efforts, and deny billions of people their full human rights.

UNU research covers peacekeeping, the rule of law, and the effectiveness of judicial systems in the context of reducing violence, human trafficking, and exploitation. UNU projects on the changing nature of global violence, for example, provide insights into how humanitarian, development, and security actors must adapt to reduce violence and its impact on society and vulnerable populations.

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Blog Post

What the Iran Nuclear Deal Means

09 Apr 2015


The UN Security Council in an Age of Great Power Rivalry

An assessment of the Council’s ability to adapt and innovate in the face of new challenges over the past two decades.

09 Mar 2015


It’s Broke, So Fix It: Peacebuilding

Tackling the Peacebuilding Commission’s (PBC’s) lack of a purpose.

01 Feb 2015


Intrastate-based Armed Conflicts: Overview of Global and Regional Trends (1990-2013)

A disaggregation of the data of major recent trends in violent conflict by levels of conflict intensity, subregions, and countries.

01 Feb 2015


Examining Major Recent Trends in Violent Conflict

Contributions and insight on major recent trends in violent conflict for the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations.

01 Nov 2014


Regional Integration Knowledge System (RIKS)

RIKS was developed as a joint initiative to provide a central point of information exchange on regional integration processes worldwide.

17 Nov 2013


Managing Exits from Armed Conflict

This project aims to enhance understanding of how and why individuals exit armed conflict and how to encourage transitions away from the battlefield.

17 Nov 2018