Sustainable development depends on a framework of stable, competent, and just institutions that can create sound policies, which serve populations effectively and equally.

UNU research supports the development of institutional and government capacity through technical cooperation, research co-creation, and by building national and international communities of practice in the global South. UNU serves as a convener of collaboration, bringing together educators, government officials, policymakers and civil society to help ensure institutions better understand the issues facing the communities they represent.

In post-conflict settings, UNU experts are illuminating how to overcome the institutional dynamics that develop during violent conflicts, so that state-building and economic development trajectories can be realigned to peace and prosperity.

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AMP 2030: Digital transformation of the local services production and delivery (Area Metropolitana do Porto)

Developing a comprehensive regional proposal for the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan 2024-2026, supporting sustainable digital transitions in the North-West Region.

01 Jun 2021


Improving China’s institutional capacity towards universal social protection

Enhance China's social insurance through digital transformation, adopting global best practices for universal coverage, with studies of international experiences, strategy development, and mutual learning events.

07 Jul 2021


Improving electronic engagement and participation

Support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Digital Government Authority by developing a global eParticipation framework and solution, enhancing active engagement across all societal groups.

05 Aug 2021


NIGSD: Capacity Building Programme II

Enhance Egyptian public officials' capabilities in digitalisation and smart governance.

26 Aug 2021


Re-designing (one-stop-shop)

Enhance's efficiency and web accessibility for Georgia's citizens and businesses by redesigning its interface and functions, based on global best practices and stakeholder feedback.

29 Sep 2021


Digital Transformation within security forces for extensive urban areas

Enhance urban security in Buenos Aires through digital transformation study, assessing technological solutions, adoption processes, and key stakeholders.

15 Oct 2021


Digital Goverment Assessment Programme

Enhance Saudi Arabia's government digital services by reviewing and optimizing their online systems in alignment with Vision2030 goals, focusing on usability and user experience improvements.

25 Oct 2021


UM Barometer: Monitoring the 2021-2025 Action Plan of the University of Minho

Developing a tool to track and assess the initiatives from the 2021-2025 University Action Plan, including designing the UM Barometer web portal.

25 Mar 2022


Technical Assistance Facility in ACP - Digital and Science, Technology and Innovation

Support the EU's external aid quality via enhanced strategies and digital transformations, focusing on governance, literacy, and service adoption.

10 May 2022


World Bank Civic Tech How-to-Note

Enhancing citizen engagement in World Bank projects with a CivicTech "How-to" guide, through practical insights and examples.

24 May 2022


Quantification of water-gender interlinkages for greater inclusivity

This project will provide a numerical assessment of the status of women’s representation in the water sector in individual countries/regions globally

06 Apr 2022


Comparative Study on the Digitalisation of Public Service Delivery in the Western Balkans (WB), the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and Beyond

Enhancing digital public service delivery in selected regions by comparing them against EU SDGR standards, focusing on life events like birth and business management.

12 Sep 2022