Working Paper

Fair and Safe Datafication

Critical and innovative thinking to ensure data production benefits people and planet.

Date Published
7 Nov 2023
Isabel Rocha de Siqueira

This Working paper discusses ‘datafication,’ the systematization and analysis of data to ensure that data can be instrumentally used for prediction. The paper argues that more effective datafication will help the global community better prepare for future challenges; but cautions that access to data and datafication capacities in the digital world are not egalitarian and are yet to be systematically addressed. These inequities pose multiple challenges, some of which require financing, but many would, first and foremost, require political will.  

Nurturing and achieving political will has been made more difficult as multilateralism itself has been weakened by different factors in the past few years; meaning that any initiatives to address the need for fair and safe datafication worldwide clashes with the significant challenge of strengthening the world’s multilateral institutions, but also reforming them so they can better address the urgent needs of our digital time. 

In order for datafication and multilateral initiatives to be more faire, safe, and more inclusive, this Working Paper brings a few basic questions to the centre of the discussion – the answers to which will guide critical and innovative thinking to ensure that data production benefits people and planet. The questions are:

  • What are the issues we produce data about?
  • What do we produce data for?
  • Does the data produced lead to improved decision-making?

Access ‘Fair and Safe Datafication’ here.

Suggested citation: Isabel Rocha de Siqueira. Fair and Safe Datafication : UNU-CPR, 2023.

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