Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) Project

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    Gerald Forkuor

    Climate change poses a significant economic threat to Ghana. The country is facing high temperature rise, and unpredictable rainfall leading to flooding and erosion, along with rising pressure on agricultural ecosystems. Ghana is also experiencing deforestation, environmental degradation, resource depletion, and an increase in pollution-related health problems as climate change effects become more severe.

    This situation can be improved only through innovation and change at both the government and the grassroots levels. The Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) is a business incubator, supporting Ghanaian entrepreneurs who seek to develop profitable and locally appropriate solutions to the country’s pressing problems.

    Through its programmes, activities, and financing, the GCIC and its partners provide a country-driven approach to addressing climate, energy, and resource challenges, and supporting economic development through job creation. The USD 17.2M GCIC project will provide targeted support, mentoring, training, and funding facilitation to up to 100 companies in Ghana over a 5-year period.