Evidence, Policy and Interventions for Covid-19 Tracker

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    Claudia Isabel Marques De Abreu Lopes

    The UNU Epic Tracker seeks to be an inventory of the public health, economic, social, and community measures taken to respond to COVID-19 across all countries. Uniquely to the EPIC Tracker, these measures include government policies and public sector interventions that aim to control COVID-19, as well measures to mitigate the indirect impacts of the pandemic response, impacts which are felt across all levels of society.

    A living platform, the EPIC Tracker will be regularly updated to include new policies, to reflect country responses, and to integrate other sources of data. Coordinated by UNU-IIGH, the EPIC tracker seeks voluntary contributions from both experts and non-experts from across the world and in several languages. UNU-IIGH will curate and validate entries to ensure the tracker is a reliable data source.