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    Wisdom Akpalu

    Having a long tradition of engaging with researchers from the South, UNU-WIDER takes further steps through, for example, partner arrangements with African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), the University of Ghana and other developing country institutions. The Institute also continues supporting researchers from developing countries to bring their work and insights to the attention of the global research community and to the larger policy audience. This facilitates building skills and confidence, and strengthens research in what are often difficult and isolated national situations. The UNU-WIDER Visiting Scholars and Visiting PhD Fellowship Programmes are other important initiatives and here special attention is given to the inclusion of women and researchers from the South. The Institute also supports younger researchers through the PhD Programme in Development Economics with the University of Ghana. The PhD programme embed students within UNU-WIDER’s research programme, adding their contributions to the human resources behind the programme, and furthering their own talents in delivering quality assured research that can be disseminated through UNU-WIDER’s communication arm. UNU-WIDER also continues its collaborative initiative in graduate teaching in development economics in Helsinki. Furthermore, the Institute launched in 2019 a summer school programme on applied labour economics.