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Newsletter archive

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January 2022

  • Annual Report 2021
  • Flood mapping tool wins “Best of What’s New” award
  • WASH-related disease risk report

October 2021

  • Brochure, media highlights, and newspaper feature for the UNU-INWEH 25th Anniversary
  • New online flood mapping tool
  • Six new opinion editorials

July 2021

  • Op-ed on the urgency to achieve SDG 6 with the current pandemic
  • Journal article on Mapping of Flood areas using Landsat with Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform
  • Journal article on water scarcity increasing in sub-Saharan Africa and response options

March 2021

  • Report on ageing water storage infrastructure
  • Op-ed on Unconventional Water Resources
  • New internship opportunities

December 2020

  • 2020 Annual Report
  • Water Learning Centre Relaunch
  • UNU-INWEH scientists and associates in Stanford’s list of top 2% of scientists in the world

September 2020

  • Canada renews support for UNU-INWEH
  • UNU-INWEH and the new Water Agency
  • New Externship Programme
  • Op-ed - The Future We Want - The UN We Need

July 2020

  • UN-Water Unconventional Water Resources Analytical Brief (prepared by UNU-INWEH)
  • Op-ed “Water, Climate, Conflict & Migration: Coping with 1 Billion People on the Move by 2050”
  • Two new reports from UNU-INWEH report series

April 2020

  • World Water Development Report 2020
  • Op-ed “Coronavirus & Water Pandemics: Doing the Math”
  • Press release “Vast Amounts of Valuable Energy, Nutrients, Water Lost in World’s Fast-Rising Wastewater Streams”

December 2019

  • Report entitled “Water Futures for the World We Want”
  • Three new books
  • Two new policy briefs
  • New report from UNU-INWEH Report series

August 2019

  • New Publications from UNU-INWEH Report series
  • Highlights of the SDG Project workshop in Tunisia
  • Congo Project Launch
  • New researchers join UNU-INWEH

March 2019

  • 2018 Annual Report
  • SDG6 Policy Support System platform
  • new International Advisory Committee members
  • redesigned UN Water Learning Centre

December 2018

  • Canada in the Global Water World: Analysis of Capabilities Report
  • Groundwater and Sustainable Development Goals: Analysis of Interlinkages Report
  • Water Security Course Launch
  • UNU-INWEH starts a new Post-doctoral Fellowship programme

August 2018

  • SDG 6 Synthesis Report
  • High-Level Politcal Forum event
  • Africa2030WaterSecure event
  • United Nations International Youth Day event

April 2018

  • New book on multifunctional wetlands
  • World Water Development Report 2018
  • Three new articles
  • Joint workshop with FloodNet

February 2018

  • The 2017 Annual Report
  • Global Water Crisis: The Facts
  • Two reports from a new series
  • Three new policy briefs