Prioritizing Women’s Health Amidst Polycrises: A Call to Action

New opinion piece in The BMJ underscores urgent need to invest in women’s health amidst overlapping crises.

In a world grappling with multiple concurrent crises, investing in women's health emerges as a critical imperative, according to a recent article by Dr Johanna Riha, Dr Zaida Orth, and Mr Rajat Khosla, published in The BMJ. The era of "polycrises" - encompassing economic, environmental, social, and geopolitical challenges - disproportionately affects women, exacerbating existing gender inequalities and health disparities. With over 340 million vulnerable women projected to fall into poverty by 2030 due to economic instability, access to essential healthcare becomes increasingly precarious. Moreover, climate displacement, conflict, and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to alarming increases in gender-based violence and barriers to healthcare access. 

To address these challenges, the article led by Dr Riha, a Research Fellow at UNU-IIGH, highlights the urgent need for investment in three key areas: feminist leadership, support for feminist civil society organizations, and increased technical capacity for sex and gender integration in policies and programs. By prioritizing women’s health, not only can we mitigate current crises, but we can also build a more resilient and equitable future for all.

Read the full article in The BMJ to delve deeper into actionable steps for advancing women’s health in the era of polycrises. Read More

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