Climate Displacement and the Right to Education in Asia-Pacific: A Regional Study

UNU-IAS will host an online panel session at the 66th Annual Conference of the CIES 2022 on climate displacement and education for displaced persons.

- Asia/Tokyo

UNU-IAS will co-organise an online panel session at the 66th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES 2022) in Minneapolis, USA. The session will present findings from a regional study on climate displacement and the right to education and lifelong learning for displaced persons. Drawing on case studies from India, Indonesia, Tuvalu, and Vietnam, it will provide concrete policy recommendations applicable to countries facing similar climate issues in order to enhance the inclusive learning opportunities for climate displaced persons at policy, institutional, and classroom levels.


The regional study is a part of a broader initiative launched in 2020 by UNESCO aiming to examine how the education sector can withstand the pressures of displacement and heightened mobility brought on by climate change. The project seeks to investigate the barriers to the right to education to ultimately improve the preparedness of states to ensure the inclusion of all displaced persons in quality education.

In order to further inform this broader initiative, each country case study within the Asia Pacific region identifies distinctive scenarios of climate displacement (including temporary displacement, planned migration, government-led relocations, trapped populations, etc.) and investigates the national measures and strategies to ensure the learning continuity of the displaced children and adults. It also analyses the pertaining educational needs of the displaced persons, and national and institutional barriers for their equal access to education.


The session is open to participants of the CIES 2022 Conference and will be held in Virtual Room 115.


The session will be conducted in English.


The event is jointly organised by UNU-IAS and UNESCO.


11:00 Opening Remarks 

  • Faryal Khan (Programme Specialist, UNESCO)

11:10 Presentations

  • Fumiko Noguchi (Research Fellow, UNU-IAS):

    Situational analysis on education for climate change displaced persons through lifelong learning       – A case study from India

  • Jonghwi Park (Academic Programmer Officer, UNU-IAS):                                                                Ensuring the Right to Education in Planned, Sudden and Massive Climate Change Displacements in Indonesia
  • Ying Syuan Huang (Research Fellow, UNU-IAS):

    Climate Displacement and the Right to Education: A Case of Vietnam

  • Philip Vaughter (Consultant, UNU-IAS):

    Access to Education for Climate Change Displaced people in Small Island Developing States: A Case Study of Tuvalu

11:35 – 12:30 Panel discussion and Q&A

Moderator: Rolla Moumné (Programme Specialist, UNESCO)