Development of Digital Government at the subnational level: measurement experiences from Latin America

Seminar on subnational digital governance in Latin America and benchmarking measurement tools.

- Europe/Lisbon
Open to public

This seminar will discuss experiences in measuring the development of digital government at the subnational level in Latin America, comparing national indexes such as the EGDI (UNDESA) and the GTMI (World Bank) with subnational indexes that highlight internal contrasts, especially in federal nations like Mexico and Brazil. The importance of contextual relevance, comparison, and benchmarking of these measurement tools for decentralization and autonomy, citizen engagement, transparency, and encouraging healthy competition among subnational localities is emphasized. Finally, the significance of subnational digital governance indexes in assessing, monitoring, and promoting local digital development is underscored, enhancing governance and the delivery of public services with similar standards across nations at various regional levels.

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