Knowledge Hub Digital

The project supports the EC to promote e-Governance in ten jurisdictions by analysing legal instruments and providing training.

Date Published
15 Sep 2023
Expected Start Date
15 Sep 2023
Expected End Date
14 Sep 2025
Project Type
Research and Capacity Development
Project Status

The digital sector is increasingly fundamental for achieving the EU’s external policy objectivesDigitalisation is crucial for job creation, advancing education and boosting competitiveness. Space-based services enable countries to address global challenges such as sustainable development, climate change, poverty and access to water and resources. Therefore, the European Commission’s Knowledge Hub Digital (KHD) aims to help the EC achieve the EU’s global ambition of promoting a fair, inclusive, gender-responsive, green and human-centric digital transformation worldwide.


The geographical scope includes ten jurisdictions: the European Union, Estonia, Belgium, the African Union, Kenya, Botswana, Ecuador, Jamaica, Singapore, and Kyrgyzstan.


The Project’s objectives are to identify and analyse the legal instruments implementing e-Governance in ten different jurisdictions (European Union, Estonia, Belgium, African Union, Kenya, Botswana, Ecuador, Jamaica, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan) and prepare interactive and in-person training on the requirements and best practices related to e-Governance implementation with a focus on legal instruments.

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