ePART4GOV An Integrated Project Framework for e-Participation and Governance Mechanisms

Enhancing Saudi governance through e-participation & user feedback.

Date Published
9 Mar 2023
Expected Start Date
09 Mar 2023
Expected End Date
31 Oct 2024
Project Type
Research and Capacity Development
Project Status

UNU-EGOV mainly provides its expertise and consultation in the work of the DGA related to digital government, specifically the interaction of government agencies and their response to the observations of beneficiaries by providing technical advisory services in this field to raise the capacities and capabilities of government agencies and meet the requirements of national digital transformation. For this very purpose, the objectives of the integrated project are as follows:

  • UNU-EGOV first aims to support the DGA by providing a governance framework for the functional role responsible for overseeing government agencies' work in responding to beneficiary feedback and supportive organisations in a way that contributes to improving citizens' access to public information and services.

  • Secondly, UNU-EGOV supports the DGA by promoting citizens' participation in public decision-making, which affects society in general and individuals in particular, in addition to activating consultations between citizens and government agencies.


  • Phase I: identification of respective stakeholders, then gathering relevant documents, and then conducting comparative analysis based on benchmarking studies. 

  • Phase II: development of a strategic governance framework with the drafting of an operational model at the entity level.


D1: Current situation analysis on the operational model for the governance of the job role overseeing government agencies' response to beneficiary feedback and the supporting organisations
D2: Benchmarking Report
D3: Theoretical governance framework