E-Governance and Digital Transformation in Guinea-Bissau

Support to Guinea-Bissau's digital governance, aiming to identify transformative change opportunities in its governance system.

Date Published
23 Dec 2020
Expected Start Date
23 Dec 2020
Expected End Date
30 Apr 2022
Project Type
Research and Capacity Development
Project Status

This project responds to the request received by UNU-EGOV from UNDP in Guinea-Bissau to support the country in comprehending the potential, limitations, and challenges of digital governance. Its overarching goal is to identify optimal entry points that can foster transformative change within Guinea-Bissau's governance landscape.


  • Carry out a study to analyse and assess the limits, challenges and opportunities of digitalization and digitization in the governance system of Guinea-Bissau.

  • Identify possible digitalization and digital transformation initiatives, which could have a catalytic impact for transformation that can improve the performance and functioning of the public administration and the capacity of the government to provide services.

  • Organise three Consultation Workshop Series.


D1. Study on the Limits, Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation of the Bissau-Guinean Governance System.
D2. Roadmap for the Digital Transformation of the Governance Sector in Guinea-Bissau.
D3. Three Consultation Workshops Reports.

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