Digital4Justice: Accelerating Digital Transition in São Tomé e Príncipe within the scope of the Justice Modernization Programme

Enhance São Tomé and Príncipe's justice system through Digital4Justice, creating a digitised, standardized, and automated procedural management system.

Date Published
10 May 2021
Expected Start Date
10 May 2021
Expected End Date
28 Feb 2022
Project Type
Project Status

The project "Digital4Justice" aims to enhance the country's Justice Modernization Programme by developing a process management system for the Justice sector. This system is set to facilitate the digitisation of judicial procedures, standardize procedural records organization, improve communication among entities, automate process initiation and monitoring, and progressively dematerialize judicial procedures at all stages, complemented with an integrated police management component.


  • Conduct comprehensive requirements gathering and functional analysis for the Procedural Management System for Justice, towards validating and refining system requirements.

  • Design of an interoperability platform as a central, monitored, and service-oriented infrastructure, towards equipping the Public Administration.    


D1. The National Interoperability Framework Report: Interviews with key actors
D2. The National Interoperability Framework Report: Comparative Analysis
D3. The National Interoperability Framework of São Tomé and Príncipe

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