Cape Verde Digital Action Plan

Developing Cape Verde's Digital Action Plan to modernise government services.

Date Published
16 Mar 2023
Expected Start Date
04 Oct 2022
Expected End Date
31 Jul 2023
Project Type
Research and Capacity Development
Project Status

The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive Action Plan following the adopted Digital Governance Strategy for Cape Verde, towards modernizing and enhancing the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of government services through the strategic integration of digital technologies. This plan encompasses the development of methodology and policies to leverage digital tools and platforms effectively, ensuring the delivery of citizen-centric services, fostering economic growth, and promoting social inclusion.


  • Develop a structured methodology.

  • Engage stakeholders through workshops and consultations.

  • Develop the Action Plan of the Digital Governance Strategy for Cape Verde.


D1. Methodology for the development of the Action Plan to implement the EGDCV – Cape Verde Digital Governance Strategy 
D2. Online and onsite workshops on the methodologies, SWOT analysis, diagnosis and context analysis, and deliveries, for high-level meetings with government authorities
D3. Action Plan of the Digital Governance Strategy for Cape Verde

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