Research Line 1
Digital Governance, Regulations and Policies

Technological changes have rapidly altered the landscape of governance, impacting the powers and roles of governments and the ways in which they govern. The first research line – Digital governance, regulations and policies – is concerned with the digital transition at the global, national and local levels of government. In particular, the implications and impacts of established and emerging digital technologies on governance and regulations and policies as the primary governance instruments.

Digitisation has enormous potential to improve core government functions, contribute to a more resilient and sustainable Public Administration and enhance citizen-centric services at all levels of the State. However, turning the promises of digital solutions into tangible, measurable and consistent outcomes remains challenging in most countries. The challenge is even more significant in uncertain times and facing complex health, economic, civic, climatic or social emergencies, making it necessary to develop innovative strategies for digital governance under these conditions.

This research line examines governments’ responses at all levels to the emergence of new digital technologies. The aim is to understand how governments can harness such technologies for better governance and how they should prepare for and respond to changes in society that arise from digital technologies. UNU-EGOV regularly advises governments on e-Governance and the regulations and policies needed to make effective use of and prevent abuse of new digital capabilities. This research line both informs and is informed by such consulting work and consolidates and shares the lessons learned and implemented.

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Ongoing and Completed Projects

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