10 Years - Celebration Event

UNU-EGOV's anniversary celebration event at the Centro Cultural Vila Flor in Guimarães.

Our 10th-anniversary celebrations culminated at the Centro Cultural de Vila Flor in Guimarães, with the presence of Rector Marwala, as well as the Portuguese Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Paulo Rangel.

Rector of the University of Minho, Rui Vieira de Castro; Director of UNU-EGOV, Delfina Soares; Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Paulo Rangel; Mayor of Guimarães, Domingos Bragança. Photo: UNU-EGOV

Reflection on our work during this decade in Digital Governance and Digital Transformation among UN Member-states was one of the highlighted discussion topics. As mentioned by the Rector and Minister Paulo Rangel, our unit's future is crucial not only for Portugal but also for improving Governance worldwide.

Rector of UNU, Tshilidzi Marwala, giving his keynote lecture. Photo: UNU-EGOV
"UNU-EGOV is and will continue to be at the forefront of Digital Governance and Digital Transformation" - Rector of UNU, Tshilidzi Marwala

We send our thank you notes to our partners, staff, and to those who joined us at the event.

Head of Administration at UNU-EGOV, Elisabete Simões; Director of UNU-EGOV, Delfina Soares. Photo: UNU-EGOV

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