Lucille Tetley-Brown

Lucille Tetley-Brown

Research Consultant

Master's degree, Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University, 2009

Lucille Tetley-Brown is a Research Consultant at the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV) since 2020.

Lucille is a social science data-use specialist and qualified sustainability practitioner with local and global expertise. Presently, her focus is on cultural factors that support or hinder effective digital transformation and efforts to better derive value from data. Within her work on 'institutional sustainability', she addresses individual capabilities for data use among staff in local government and how to facilitate optimal enabling environment factors to achieve benefits from digitalisation at the organisational level.

Lucille holds a law degree from the University of Oxford in the U.K. and an MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Sweden’s Lund University. She is currently pursuing her doctorate on the topic of "using data to transform public services" at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, U.K., within the Sociology department. She has published across a range of topics related to sustainability and data use. Additionally, she is a qualified instructor in advanced education (DAT-HE, 2021).

Recently, Lucille was invited to hold a policy development role for the Scottish Government, supporting the Chair of the Independent Expert Group for the ‘Unlocking the Value of Public Sector Personal Data’ Programme, seeking to explore ethical parameters of facilitating greater personal data access for private sector use, when done in the public benefit.