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Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit
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UN Sanctions and Mediation: Establishing Evidence To Inform Practice

Dr Rebecca Brubaker, Professor Thomas Biersteker and Dr David Lanz presented the findings of their final report on UN Sanctions and Mediation.


Finance Against Slavery: How Government Action and Public-Private Partnerships Can Work To End Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

This event brought panel experts together to discuss how the financial sector, government and regulators can work together.


Participatory Policy Research With Children and Youth Affected by Conflict

UNICEF hosted this event to share participatory policy research techniques.


Due Process in UN Targeted Sanctions: Old Challenges, New Approaches

This retreat brought together Security Council members, senior UN officials and international law and academic experts to discuss UN sanctions.


Tomorrow’s Slavery: Discussion of the ​Report by UN Special Rapporteur for Contemporary Forms of Slavery

UNU-CPR brought together Member States, UN officials and interested members of civil society to share insights on a recent report on modern slavery.


Unlocking Potential: Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking

This event presented the Liechtenstein Initiative's new report "A Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking".


A New Geopolitics of Converging Risks: The UN and Prevention in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

This event presented a new report on the spread of AI globally.

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Launch of the Liechtenstein Initiative for a Financial Sector Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The launch happened during the UN General Assembly High-Level Week in New York.