Social protection

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Understanding the Links between Social Protection and Migration in Low- and Middle-income Countries

Exploring this relationship between access to social protection and the ability or need to migrate.

27 Oct 2023


SDGs Café — Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment from Kanazawa

Part of Kanazawa Rainbow Pride Week, this event will discuss issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace.



UNU-WIDER Releases Major Report on Peace, Decent Work and Greater Equality

The report distills evidence and key messages from hundreds of UNU-WIDER studies.

26 Aug 2023


Saxony’s Delegation Visit to Uganda Signals Commitment to Sustainable Development Cooperation

The goal is cooperation and knowledge sharing, empowering NGOs to contribute effectively to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

11 Jul 2023


Online Q&A Session on UNU-MERIT's MSc Programme

ONLINE: On 27 June, UNU-MERIT will host a Q&A session for prospective students interested in their MSc in Public Policy and Human Development (MPP).



T7 Issue Paper Urges G7 to Reignite Action on SDGs, Climate Change

A new publication calls on G7 leaders to strengthen action for the SDGs, carbon neutrality & climate-resilient development in collaboration with G20.

18 May 2023


Delta 8.7

Informing policies that contribute to achieving SDG Target 8.7 on modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced and child labour.

20 Mar 2023


SDG Exhibition in Weisswasser a Resounding Success, Further Collaborations Planned

Young people from across the Saxon Lusatian region gathered to exhibit and discuss their paintings created as part of the NEXtra Lusatia project.

15 Feb 2023


Launch of The Refugee System: A Sociological Approach

An online webinar to launch a new book documenting the experiences of Syrian refugees, 'The Refugee System: A Sociological Approach.'



How Can Tax-benefit Systems Support Households Through Crisis?

On 13 December 2022, UNU-WIDER will host a webinar, 'How Can Tax-benefit Systems Support Households Through Crisis?'