Education underpins sustainable development; access to education empowers individuals to break the cycle of poverty, fosters peace by building tolerance among cultures, and promotes gender equality. 

As an educational institution, UNU inherently focuses on creating learning and training opportunities that advance inclusive global development and that foster learning networks to promote regional and local sustainable development initiatives.

UNU offers several postgraduate degree programmes that enhance the capability of young scholars to contribute to the extension, application, and diffusion of knowledge.

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Research Communication

This Project aims to make UNU-WIDER's research readily available to stakeholders and audiences in a form they can use.

01 Jan 2014


Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence initiative at UNU-WIDER supports researchers from developing countries to promote their work and ideas to a global network of academics and policy makers.

01 Jan 2014


Biotechnology and development

This project consists of training courses, fellowships, workshops, and activities aimed at building strong research networks throughout Latin America.

29 Mar 2017


Convening at IIGH

This project intends to convene policy dialogues and to serve as a hub and platform for exploring issues related to global health.

03 Nov 2020


UNU SDG–Universities Platform

This project promotes collaboration and dialogue exchange between Japanese universities on opportunities and challenges in promoting the SDGs.

17 Jan 2021


Understanding Systemic and Cascading Risks: Learnings From COVID-19 (CARICO)

This project aims to develop a conceptual model that supports the analysis of systemic and cascading risks.

01 Mar 2021


Global Cooperation for Climate Action: Southern engagement with Climate Negotiations and Commitments 2020-2023

The project to strengthen the capacity and skills of young climate leaders through a South-South virtual training platform

06 May 2021


Global Water and Climate Adaptation Center - Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, Dresden

The project aims to establish a global hub for water security and climate adaptation, educate future environmental leaders, promote dialogue

10 Jun 2021


Regional Research on Climate Change Displacement and the Right to Education

The aim of this project is to establish understanding of climate change displacement across the Asia Pacific region to inform policy recommendations.

13 Jan 2022


Resource Nexus for Sustainability Transformations (NEXtra)

The project supports doctoral students from the Global South working on sustainability transformations using a Resource Nexus perspective.

06 Oct 2021


Chair for Sustainability and Textile Innovation - Phase 2

This project will support the establishing of a new Chair for Sustainability and Textile Innovation at AUST in Bangladesh.

16 Apr 2022


Knowledge Academy for the Resource Nexus (KARE)

The project aims to mainstream the Resource Nexus, train new generations of thought leaders, and support better decision-making

05 Apr 2022