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Tackling Illicit Financial Flows at Source: Adopting a ‘Location-Centred Approach’ to Address Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Advanced monitoring of suspicious transactions to enhance the targeting of exploitative crimes.

02 Mar 2024


Crime-Conflict Nexus: Identifying Gaps and Opportunities for Policy Research

UNU-CPR gathered over twenty international experts to discuss the crime-conflict nexus on 10-12 June 2015.

10 Jan 2024


Improving Multilateral Approaches to Countering Organized Crime in Conflict-Affected States: Mali and the Central African Republic

Examining why certain conflict-affected states have developed high levels of organized crime - and exploring multilateral responses.

25 Jul 2023

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UNICRI Lessons from Conflict Zones



Illicit Economies, Armed Conflict, and Instability

This virtual conference was co-hosted with the German Federal Foreign Office of Germany and GI-TOC.



Vigilante Groups and Militias in Southern Nigeria

Analyzing the landscape of anti-crime militias and vigilante forces in Nigeria's South over the past 20 years.

03 Sep 2021


The Future of International Policing

This webinar provided a platform to discuss how to further increase the effectiveness and overall impact of international policing.


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Financial Crime Prevention Professionals Take Action Against Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

A new strategic partnership to further mobilise financial sector stakeholders against modern slavery and human trafficking.

06 Feb 2020

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High and Dry: The UN Risks Being Left Behind by the Turning Tide of Global Drug Policy

While the tide is shifting rapidly on global drugs policy, the United Nations – paralyzed by conflicting demands of Member States – is at risk.

06 Aug 2018


Crime-Conflict Nexus: Libya - a Patchwork State Sewn Together Along Trafficking Lines

Exploring the nexus of global illicit flows and local conflict dynamics.

01 May 2017


Crime-Conflict Nexus: Assessing the Threat and Developing Solutions

Improving the international response in situations where crime and conflict intersected.

01 May 2017