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Assessment Framework for UN Preventive Diplomacy: An Approach for UN Mediators and International Policymakers

A clear layout of the methodological challenges in evaluating political interventions in conflict and an impact assessment tool for practitioners.

10 Jan 2024


Crime-Conflict Nexus: Identifying Gaps and Opportunities for Policy Research

UNU-CPR gathered over twenty international experts to discuss the crime-conflict nexus on 10-12 June 2015.

10 Jan 2024

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Three options for the UN to lead in Gaza

Demands for a ceasefire should continue, but the organisation is capable of much more.

15 Dec 2023

Gaza air strike

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What is the Path to Peace in Gaza?

13 Dec 2023


Fragile Contexts Are Increasingly Battlegrounds in Geopolitical Contests

Rising global involvement in civil wars demands preventive measures like diplomacy frameworks and anti-intervention incentives.

12 Dec 2023


Establishing an Agile Response Process to Crisis and Conflict-related Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Risks

Risk identification and mitigation measures for financial institutions to address modern slavery.

01 Dec 2023