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UNU research focuses on the challenges faced by the United Nations and its Member States. Our current research portfolio supports all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 to inspire global action to overcome the world’s biggest challenges.

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Project 25 Jun 2020

Back From the Brink: UN Preventive Diplomacy in West and Central Africa

The UN’s contribution to reducing the risk of conflict-related violence in The Gambia and Gabon.

Project 25 May 2020

When Dictators Fall: Preventing Violent Conflict During Transitions From Authoritarian Rule

The contrasting ways countries transition out of authoritarian rule and how the UN can influence pathways away from violence.

Project 15 May 2020

The G2 at the UN: The United States and the People's Republic of China at the United Nations

US and Chinese policy and diplomacy towards the UN – and each other – in New York.

Project 01 Dec 2023

UN Sanctions and Mediation 2.0: Moving From Evidence To Impact

Building on SMP 1.0 to influence policy and practice and bridge the gap between the sanctions and mediation communities.

Project 14 Apr 2020

Hybrid Conflict, Hybrid Peace: How Militias and Paramilitary Groups Shape Post-Conflict Transitions

The role of PGMs in conflict and post-conflict settings and how PGMs might help or hurt prospects for sustainable peacebuilding.

Project 21 Mar 2020

Conflict Prevention in the Era of Climate Change: Adapting the UN to Climate-Security Risks

Supporting the UN and its partners to develop climate-sensitive conflict prevention approaches.

Project 21 Nov 2019

Due Process in UN Targeted Sanctions

The potential to advance the UN Security Council's use of sanctions to achieve its strategic objectives.

Project 02 Mar 2020

The United States' Current and Future Relationship With the United Nations

US policy towards the UN under the Trump administration and effective, multilateral approaches to the UN's engagement with the US.

Project 21 Jan 2020

UN Transitions: Improving Security Council Practice in Mission Settings

The Security Council's historical evolution in overseeing UN transitions.

Project 13 Jan 2020

Project: Conflict Prevention in the Sahel: Emerging Practice Across the UN

Supporting the UN’s understanding of the situation in the Sahel - and how it can better respond to current and emerging risks