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Press Release 01 Nov 2023

Rethinking Quality: UNU-convened Experts Challenge the Harmful Influence of Global University Rankings

An important statement by an Independent Expert Group is now available, addressing the challenges associated with global university rankings.

Press Release 25 Oct 2023

New UN University Report Warns about Risk Tipping Points with Irreversible Impacts on People and Planet

Drastic changes are approaching if risks to our fundamental socioecological systems are not addressed.

Press Release 24 Oct 2023

UN Study Reveals the Hidden Environmental Impacts of Bitcoin: Carbon is Not the Only Harmful By-product

Global Bitcoin mining is highly dependent on fossil fuels, with worrying impacts on water and land in addition to a significant carbon footprint.

Press Release 25 Sep 2023

Redefining Global Health Security: A Novel Framework Sheds Light on Equity and Decolonial Approaches

A new policy paper spotlights the need to address the potential pitfalls of the growing health-security nexus.

Press Release 05 Sep 2023

UNU Study Uncovers the Injustice Implications of Aging Levees in the United States

A UNU assessment warns that ethnic minorities and poor communities in the US are unequally exposed to risks of levee failure under climate change.

Press Release 13 Jun 2023

New UNU Institute in Italy Will Drive Global Collaboration in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

A new UNU institute in Bologna will engage with global South researchers and policymakers to mobilize the potential of big data and AI for the SDGs.

Press Release 01 May 2023

Dr David Malone, Former UNU Rector, Receives Highest Honour from Government of Japan

Dr David M. Malone was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun by the Government of Japan.

Press Release 23 Mar 2023

UN Water Experts: The World Is Off-track to Meet Its Sustainable Water Goal by 2030

A water security assessment led by UNU water experts found that the majority of the world’s population currently live in water-insecure countries.

Press Release 16 Mar 2023

Bottled Water Masks World’s Failure to Supply Safe Water for All

A new report by UNU water experts provides a comprehensive analysis of the rapidly-expanding global bottled water industry.

Press Release 01 Mar 2023

Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala Begins Term as United Nations University Rector

Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala of South Africa has assumed office for a five-year term as Rector of UNU, effective 1 March 2023.

Press Release 13 Feb 2023

United Nations University Prepares to Bid Farewell to Two-term UNU Rector David M. Malone

When Dr Malone finishes his tenure as UNU Rector on 28 February 2023, he will be succeeded by Professor Tshilidzi Marwala of South Africa.

Press Release 27 Jan 2023

UNU Appoints Dr Gustavo Fermin as Programme Coordinator of UNU-BIOLAC

UNU is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Gustavo Fermin as the new Programme Coordinator of UNU-BIOLAC.

Press Release 11 Jan 2023

Trapped Sediment Robbing World’s Large Dams of Vital Water Storage Capacity

The global loss from original dam capacity roughly equals the annual water use of India, China, Indonesia, France and Canada combined.

Press Release 04 Nov 2022

UNU-IAS Initiatives on Youth Empowerment for Implementing the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda

UNU-IAS will hold a press conference at COP27 to present updates on the institute’s initiatives on youth empowerment.

Press Release 31 Aug 2022

UN University Report Reveals Solutions to Reduce the Impacts of Disasters

The right solutions can reduce the risk of hazards turning into full-blown disasters, or in some cases eliminate them altogether.

Press Release 17 Aug 2022

Kaveh Madani Named as Next Director of UNU-INWEH

Prof. Kaveh Madani of Iran has been appointed as the next Director of the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

Press Release 19 Jul 2022

United Nations University Appoints Rajat Khosla As Next Director of Its Malaysia-based Institute, UNU-IIGH

Rajat Khosla will take up the post of Director of the UNU International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) on 5 September 2022.

Press Release 20 Jun 2022

UNCDF and UNU Firm up Partnership for Enhanced Development Cooperation in the Pacific and Beyond

UNCDF and UNU-EHS have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their development project cooperation in the Pacific region and beyond.

Press Release 26 May 2022

UN and Partners Detail the Abundance and Promise of Diverse “Unconventional” Water Resources

Potential unconventional water supplies can help many of the world population who face water shortages.

Press Release 19 May 2022

COVID-19 Sparked New Thinking on Risks, UN Report Finds

The way individuals and decision-making bodies view risks associated with hazards and shocks has undergone a fundamental change due to COVID-19.