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News 30 Jan 2018

The Flip from Fraught Use to Assumed Mobile Use

UNU Macau researcher Juhee Kang delivered a talk based on her research about the mobile use among North Korean women in South Korea.

News 28 Jan 2018

Gender Equality Featured by UNU Sustainable Development Explorer

Led by UNU Macau, the EQUALS Research Group is an important research partnership addressing SDG#5.

News 24 Jan 2018

New Visiting Research Assistant

Catriona Craven-Matthews will be visiting research assistant of UNU Macau. She focuses on human rights, migration, gender, and human trafficking.

News 06 Dec 2017

Symposium Discusses Standardization of Eco-labelling and the Role of the SDGs

UNU-IAS and IDE-JETRO co-organized a symposium on standards and certification systems for environmentally friendly products and technologies.

News 19 Dec 2016

Links Between Environment and Health in India

A paper by UNU-IAS expert Christopher Doll explores linkages between climate mitigation and health impacts in two Indian cities.

News 24 Oct 2015

UNU-IAS Board Convenes for 2015 Meeting

Held on 23–24 October 2015, the meeting reviewed the activities of the institute, and provided guidance for its future development.

News 17 Aug 2015

Strategies for Enhancing the Resilience of Rice Terraces

Ifugao State University and UNU-IAS hosted a forum on the global challenges and sustainability of the Ifugao rice terraces.

News 25 Nov 2014

Workshop Shares Results of 2013 Leadership Training Programme in Africa

On 19 June 2014, UNU-IAS held a reporting session on the Global Leadership Training Programme in Africa.