UNU Water Network Hosts World Water Week Session on Building Resilience in Water Management

  • 2021•09•08

    The UNU Water Network, in partnership with EURAC Research Bolzano, hosted a session on the topic of Building Resilience in Water Management with Multi-stakeholder Engagement at the World Water Week 2021 conference. Bringing together over 60 international participants, the event showcased UNU’s expertise on, and commitment to, achieving resilience in water management.

    During opening remarks, Shinobu Yume Yamaguchi (Director, UNU-IAS) emphasised the importance of SDG 6 — ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all — as a means to build the capacity of societies against the most pressing challenges facing humankind today: climate change and COVID-19.

    Four speakers from the United Nations University (UNU) presented paths to achieving resilience, including the interactions between highland and lowland systems and their impact on water management and resilience, particularly in a transboundary context; challenges to overcome for wider implementation of water reuse and building resilience; strengthening the economic and environmental resilience of societies through improved water management among multiple users; and youth participation in developing countries, entrepreneurship in the water sector, and promoting water technologies in urban and peri-urban areas.

    Key messages from the breakout discussions were delivered by each group lead, focusing on: the main stakeholders and their influences on water management in highland and lowland contexts; the challenges of water reuse and the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration; water storage, an integrated water allocation model, and awareness-raising and capacity building as key approaches to achieving economic and environmental resilience; and the need for strong collaboration between research, policies, and financing agencies, and for motivating young entrepreneurs.

    A recording of the session is available on the World Water Week YouTube Channel.

    Visit the UNU Water Network webpage for the latest updates on UNU’s water-related research.