Call for Papers: 2022 UNU-WIDER Development Conference

  • 2022•01•27     Helsinki

    The UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) and the International Economic Association will co-host two joint sessions during the 2022 WIDER Development Conference, to be held in Bogota, Colombia on October 5–7, 2022, in partnership with Universidad de los Andes.

    The conference will bring together specialists from around the world to discuss, analyse, and understand the latest broad-based research on inequality — covering topics including, but not confined to, inequalities that affect individuals or population groups across many dimensions of well-being (income, labor market outcomes, education and health). The conference aims to discuss older persistent inequalities as well as the new challenges produced by the COVID-19 pandemic or inequities associated  with climate change or technological progress.

    Session organisers are seeking papers in the broad areas of technology and labour market inequality. Topics that may be relevant in this area include: the effect of new technologies on labour markets in developing countries, the changing task content of jobs and the relationship with earnings inequalities, the role of automation in creating or displacing jobs, the implications for trade and growth, and policy responses to mitigate the inequality-inducing effects of technological change.

    The deadline for paper submissions is 15 February 2022.

    For full details on the conference sessions and paper submission guidelines, visit the UNU-WIDER website.