Symposium Promotes Cultural and Natural Heritage for Sustainability

UNU-IAS expert presented at the 2023 General Assembly of the International Council on Monuments and Sites in Sydney.

On 3–9 September 2023, UNU-IAS expert Juan Pastor-Ivars (Research Associate) contributed to the General Assembly 2023 of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in Sydney, Australia. More than 1400 experts from across the globe engaged in lectures, workshops, and field visits to explore the role of cultural and natural heritage in addressing issues such as COVID-19 recovery, conflict, and sustainability.

Dr Pastor-Ivars delivered a presentation titled “New Green-Heritage Commons from the Japanese Gardens in Kanazawa” at the scientific symposium on the Nature-Culture Journey, highlighting a sustainable conservation model for historic gardens in Kanazawa. Participants discussed the importance of urban gardens for human well-being and pointed out the necessity of promoting them at the global level.