The United Nations University to be a Partner of the Living Art of Building Initiative

The German Parliament supports the Living Art of Building initiative, enabling UNU-FLORES to establish an operating unit.

The German Parliament (Bundestag) has unlocked the funding in support of the Living Art of Building initiative. This large-scale research center will aim to revolutionize the construction sector at national, European and international level. 

For UNU-FLORES, the Living Art of Building initiative represents a significant opportunity aligned with two core pillars of the recently launched United Nations University Strategic Plan. Professor Edeltraud Guenther, Director of UNU-FLORES, has been appointed as a principal investigator to spearhead efforts focused on sustainability and internationalization at the Federal Research Centre for Climate-Neutral and Resource Efficient Construction that will be established with the Living Art of Building initiative. This is specifically aligned with the Knowledge pillar of the United Nations University new strategic plan. Moreover, a strong internationalisation effect is expected, especially in the Global South, which will contribute thematically in the research and development work and implement its results.

We are excited to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders to drive innovation and develop sustainable building solutions. This initiative marks a significant step towards advancing sustainability in construction practices.
Professor Edel Guenther

In collaboration with the Saxony State Ministry of Regional Development, UNU-FLORES will host an International Forum for Building and Construction on 27 August 2024. This event will gather stakeholders and experts to provide critical insights into the industry.