Azin Zarei headshot

Azin Zarei

Senior Research Assistant

PhD, Rangeland and Watershed Management, Shahrekord University, 2017
MSc, Natural Resources and Earth Science, University of Tehran, 2009
BSc, Natural Resources, University of Tehran, 2007

Azin Zarei is a Senior Research Assistant at UNU-FLORES.

Azin is interested in exploring the Resource Nexus approach in the context of improving the existing methods for climate vulnerability and risk assessment in grassland/forest areas. She is an expert in identifying areas vulnerable to degradation by quantifying the climate change impacts on vegetation cover, vegetation dynamics monitoring (Remote Sensing), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and statistical models.

Azin supports the administrative coordination and implementation activities within the Resource Nexus AID programme, which aims to establish UNU-FLORES as the global hub for Resource Nexus Analytics, Informatics, and Data (AID). Azin assists with identifying, developing, and promoting data, information, computational techniques, and analytical tools that facilitate the sustainable management of water, soil, waste, energy, and geo-resources based on nexus thinking.

Research Interests

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Developing Vegetation Dynamics Models
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Remote sensing and GIS


  • Research Scholar, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany
  • Research Intern, UNESCO-IHP, France
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Shahrekord University,Iran