A Korean e-Government System Failure of an Unprecedented Scale in Nov. 2023: Outturn, Impact, and Lessons

The seminar discusses the impact and lessons of a major e-government system failure in Korea that caused public chaos and government response.

- Europe/Lisbon
Campus de Couros, Rua de Vila Flor 166, Guimarães, Portugal

Korea is considered to have developed one of the most sophisticated e-government systems in the world. A large number of people receives public services at home or at work via various kinds of e-government systems including the single window e-service portal called “Government 24”. Even the public servants who provide in-person services at the community centres could not provide any service with the help of e-government systems. Such systems stopped working in Korea in November 17, 2023. It took almost a week to be back to normal. The consequence was a chaos. Public anger, outspoken criticism, apologies of government officials including the Prime Minister, avowal of urgent corrective measures and a serious of investigations followed. In this seminar, the outturn of the unprecedented system failure event is put on the table for discussions on possible impact and lessons to be sought.

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