Accelerating the digital transformation of the public sector of Qatar

Supporting Qatar’s MCIT to improve digital transformation by providing analysis, recommendations, advice, and capacity development.

Date Published
17 Jan 2023
Expected Start Date
17 Jan 2023
Expected End Date
31 Mar 2024
Project Type
Research and Capacity Development
Project Status

One of the main objectives of this project is to support the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) to be more knowledgeable regarding the main global and regional trends regarding the digital transformation of the public sector, the main weaknesses and gaps of the current Qatari online services catalogue, and online user experience in public portals. The other main objective is to, in agreement with the previous objective, provide MCIT and other Qatari public entities involved in providing digital public services with a set of recommendations and ongoing advice that will help them enhance the provision of online services in the country. A final objective is, as a positive side effect of the activities developed in the context of this project, to help the state of Qatar improve its ranking and score in the UNDESA Electronic Government Development Index (EGDI).



  • Analyse and benchmark Qatar’s performance on the EGDI and its sub-indexes, 2003-2022, and assessment of key Qatari governmental portals.

  • Recommendations for rejuvenating and accelerating the digital transformation in Qatar and its performance on the EGDI.

    Ongoing Advisory Services

  • Advice for improving Qatar’s performance of the EGDI.

  • Advice for accelerating the digital transformation in Qatar.

    Capacity Development

  • Organise a Capacity Development Seminar for key MCIT experts at UNU-EGOV’s facilities in Guimarães, Portugal.

  • Organise a Capacity Development Workshop on digital transformation and EGDI for key Qatari stakeholders in Doha.


D1. Analysis, benchmark and recommendations report.

D2. Ongoing expertise advisory notes or other files.

D3. Capacity development seminar report.

D4. Capacity development workshop report.

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