UNU-EGOV researchers and visiting experts participate in dg.o 2024

The Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research 2024 in Taipei focused on "Internet of Beings: Transforming Public Governance".

The Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o) 2024, organized by the Digital Government Society, took place at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan from June 11-14. This academic conference, themed “Internet of Beings: Transforming Public Governance,” gathered leading scholars and practitioners recognized for their interdisciplinary and innovative contributions to the field of digital government.

Researchers from United Nations University - EGOV showcased their studies at the conference. Zoran Jordanoski presented his paper, co-authored with Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen, titled "Comparative Study on the Digitalization of Specific Public Services Grouped by Life Events: The Case of Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership Countries." This presentation was part of the Digital Transformation in Governments track, chaired by Beatriz Lanza and Thiago Avila, along side Maria Alexandra Cunha.

Charmaine Distor also represented UNU-EGOV, presenting her collaborative paper with Yonsei University professor M. Jae Moon, "Will Sharing Economy Work in the Public Sector? Exploring Government-Initiated and Facebook-Enabled Use Case from the Philippines," under the Social Media and Government track.

Additionally, UNU-EGOV experts Beatriz Lanza and Jaeshin Park participated in a panel titled "Implementing Data-Driven Governance Strategies in Digital Transformation of Public Administration: Experience from Brazil, South Korea and Russia," further highlighting the institute's influence and expertise in the realm of digital governance.

In exciting news, Charmaine’s paper was announced as one of the "Best Management Paper Award" nominees at the dg.o 2024 conference. This nomination underscores the significant contributions and impact of UNU-EGOV researchers in the field of digital government research.

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