Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance 2023

UNU-EGOV’s researchers contributed to the Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance 2023.

The Greek island of Samos, located in the Aegean Sea, welcomed the 13th edition of the Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance, in conjunction with the 10th International Summer School on Open and Collaborative Governance. The event took place over 5 days between 26-30 June 2023.

UNU-EGOV’s researchers Demetrios Sarantis and Moinul Zaber attended the summit, which offered an unprecedented opportunity to see, interact with, and influence cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies research projects and initiatives. Attended by high calibre experts from research, administrations, and enterprises worldwide, the 2023 edition focused on the newest developments of ICT applications in the areas of:

  • Innovative Technologies and Uptake
  • Innovative Digital Ecosystems
  • Governments in the era of Metaverse
  • Practical Applications of AI to Enhance Government Operations
  • Innovation Management for Climate Neutrality
  • Understanding the failure of Smart Cities – Smartness vs. sustainability vs. continuity tensions
  • Interoperability Maturity Tools

Demetrios presented a lecture in e-Government Assessment, which analysed the increasingly important topic of assessment in e-Government. Assessment design aspects, various models, methodologies, and approaches have been introduced. On the other hand, Zaber presented research work on Chatbots for public services: Possibilities and Challenges.

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