Strengthening policymaking through inclusive research methodologies that draw on a wide range of constituencies.

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At UNU-CPR, we believe that policymaking is strengthened by evidence gathered through inclusive research methodologies that draw on a wide range of constituencies. To ensure that UNU-CPR’s research reflects the concerns and interests of its broad, global constituency, the Centre launched two fellowships in 2020.

Global Fellows

We acknowledge and recognize that individuals from certain groups, including racial minorities and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, are less well represented in both academia and public policy. Their exclusion stifles creativity, limits policy options, and risks undermining the effectiveness of policy interventions. It will also mean that the research agenda does not necessarily reflect actual challenges in local communities, particularly in the Global South.

The UNU-CPR Global Fellows programme works to integrate researchers from underrepresented backgrounds in new and ongoing research projects that shape multilateral policymaking processes. The Fellow will help support ongoing research projects at UNU-CPR, working closely with an appointed senior researcher within the Centre. The Fellow will also have the opportunity to develop and test their own research proposals with potential donors.

Candidates from underrepresented groups – including those who are the first in their family to attend higher education, underserved communities, or those from conflict-affected areas – are particularly encouraged to apply.

Senior Fellows (Non-Resident)

Since its establishment in 2014, the Centre has published over 100 research papers, feeding into a wide variety of UN and national-level policy processes as well as multilateral programming. Over the last two years, the Centre’s researchers have briefed the Security Council five times and given over 150 briefings to a range of actors and entities, including UN and multilateral bodies, government, and parliamentary committees, academic and professional conferences, as well as for civil society and private sector stakeholders. UNU-CPR researchers and projects have been referenced in a wide range of press outlets, including BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, CNN, Washington Post, POLITICO, The Hill, The Independent, World Politics Review, Just Security and many others.

The UNU-CPR Senior Fellows are one-year positions open to seasoned researchers and policy advisers. Along with participating and advising current UNU-CPR projects, Senior Fellows undertake their own research agenda, producing policy-relevant papers and reports. Senior Fellows are expected to develop their research proposals with potential donors and have a strong track-record in development and institutional growth.

Previous Fellows have written on range of topics, from Security Council dynamics, to how US-China relations impact UN policymaking, to the role of UN Police in protecting civilians. They have also briefed Permanent Representatives, UN policy forums, and other stakeholders.