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The Future of Education — Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating the SDGs and Global Citizenship into High School Education

TOKYO: On 22 April 2024, UNU will host a conversation with Malcolm McKenzie, Head of School at United World Colleges ISAK Japan.

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On 22 April 2024, UNU will host “The Future of Education — Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating the SDGs and Global Citizenship into High School Education”, a conversation with Malcolm McKenzie, the Head of School at United World Colleges ISAK Japan. This event will start at 18:30 in the 2F Reception Hall at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo.  

In an era where global challenges demand innovative and unified responses, education stands at the forefront of change, holding the key to a sustainable future. The integration of the Sustainable Development Goals and the concept of global citizenship into high school education represents a significant shift towards preparing students to tackle complex challenges in the future. This approach not only enriches the curriculum with new pedagogical methods and technologies, but also cultivates a generation of informed, empathetic and proactive global citizens. 

UWC ISAK Japan, Japan’s first full-boarding international high school, embodies this transformative vision. Founded in 2014, ISAK became part of the United World Colleges movement in 2017. UWC ISAK Japan is dedicated to making education a means to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

Mr. Malcolm McKenzie will join UNU Rector Tshilidzi Marwala for a conversation exploring the hurdles and prospects of embedding peace and sustainability in high school education by drawing on examples of UWC ISAK Japan's pioneering efforts to empower its students to be transformational future leaders. What role can high schools play in promoting peace and sustainability? What effect will emerging technologies like generative AI have on the future of education? How do we cultivate the next generation of leaders to have an empathetic and positive impact on the world? 

The UNU Conversation Series aims to foster audience participation; you are encouraged to engage with the speakers during the conversation and at the reception that will follow, where all event attendees are invited to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks while exchanging ideas and making new contacts. 

Please note that this event will be in English. Advance registration (by 21 April) is required. Please click on the REGISTER button above to access the online registration page. 

Please be prepared to present identification at check-in. 

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About the speaker

Malcolm McKenzie has over 20 years of experience as an educational leader dedicated to fostering international understanding and peace through education. Mr. McKenzie, originally from South Africa, considers himself a citizen of many countries by inclination and through lived experience.  

His career is marked by leading several boarding schools in Botswana, the US, the UK and China, where he has developed innovative programmes that emphasize inclusivity, global citizenship, and leadership skills. His educational philosophy focuses on the transformative power of education, aiming to prepare young students to navigate and address global challenges with empathy, innovation and cultural sensitivity.  

Currently serving as the Head of School at UWC ISAK Japan, Mr. McKenzie leads the School with a vision that aligns closely with the United World Colleges' mission to unite people, nations and cultures for a sustainable future. Through his work, he has become a prominent figure in the international education community, advocating for critical thinking, social responsibility and the importance of understanding cultural differences. 

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