International Conference on GIAHS 2021

UNU-IAS is co-organising the International Conference on GIAHS 2021 in Nanao City, Ishikawa, Japan.

- Asia/Tokyo

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the designation of Japan's Noto Peninsula Satoyama and Satoumi Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS). On this occasion, the UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainabilty (UNU-IAS) is co-organising the International Conference on GIAHS 2021 in Nanao City, Ishikawa, Japan, to disseminate the achievements and values of GIAHS domestically and internationally.

The in-person participation for this event is limited to residents of Japan, however, online participation is open to anyone. For more information, a full event agenda, and to register, visit the conference website.

Visit the UNU-IAS website to explore UNU's work on GIAHS, and satoyama and satoumi.

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