Daniel Domínguez Gómez

Researcher Policy Making

B.S. Biotechnology Engineering (Hons) National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).
Diploma, Pharmaceutical Industry Management Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, ITESM
Diploma, Middle Management ICAMI, Center for Management Training and Professional Improvement (IPADE System)
daniel@allbiotech.org daniel@igem.org @adndaniel LinkedIn

Dr. Daniel Domínguez Gómez

Daniel is a Biotechnologist Engineer with Honorable Mention from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). He has extensive experience in technology transfer, teaching and business development biotechnological. He has diplomas in Diplomas in Pharmaceutical Management from the ITESM and Management by ICAMI, in addition to management of non-governmental organizations.

Daniel is co-founder and CEO at Allbiotech, a non-profit organization that promotes the development of biotechnology in Latin America and the empowerment of the following generation of leaders in the sector. The organization has various initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in biotechnology, improve education in STEM careers, to make the role visible of women in the biotechnology sector, promote gender equality and develop
efficient communication tools of biotechnology.

Additionally, Daniel currently serves as Director of Synthetic Biology Ecosystems at the iGEM ​​Foundation, with the mission of facilitating the development of synthetic biology in bioeconomies emerging.